The LibreHealth community is a meritocracy. The more you contribute, the more responsibility you will earn. Leadership roles in LibreHealth are also merit-based and earned by peer acclaim.


LibreHealth is open to all individuals in their individual capacities, and provides the same opportunity to all. Everyone participates with the same rules.


No imagined needs! We focus on design, development and deployment of technology that will have measurable impact on the health of people from around the world.


All discussions, minutes, project plans, designs, plans for new features, and other artifacts shall be open, public, searchable, and easily accessible to everyone.

Umbrella Organization

LibreHealth is an umbrella organization where multiple health information technology projects collaborate.


LibreHealth is driven by real needs of patients and last-mile clinicians who want to improve health and health service delivery

Project Source Code

This web site is brand new and growing every day. Meanwhile, you'll find our projects' code published on GitLab.

LibreHealth on GitLab

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