Demo Servers

Demo servers

The demo servers are meant to showcase the latest developments of the LibreHealth project. Each project should add a link to their demo site through this page.

We restore from a clean database every night at 00:00 UTC.

LibreHealth Toolkit LTS 2.0.0 demo

LibreHealth Toolkit LTS 2.0.0 demo is a deployment that is done by GitLab CI after every commit.

LibreHealth Radiology

LibreHealth Radiology is a customized version of LibreHealth Toolkit with additional tools for radiology and imaging professionals.

LibreHealth EHR demo

Note: The LibreHealth EHR Demo Servers were taken offline due to security vulnerabilies in the code.

This contains no real patient data.

Bleeding Edge (tracking master branch)

LibreHealth EHR w/ The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data

An instance of LibreHealth EHR has been deployed with data from NHANES. You can read more about it on our forum.

You can also download the data here for local use.